Baba Yaga's ordeal

With the heroes sent to make Crank leave her territory in exchange for information on Willow’s fetch. They all began investigating and quickly find Brass pipes replacing the thorns nearby and also find through divination that there are Steam droids nearby performing some kind of duty.

It was only after returning from findng a water pumping facility and coming back right into a hedge side industrial compound that they start to learn what is going on. Some destroyed combat droids and a visit to the front office later shows that they are very similar to an earth side corporation but none of the heroes are sure who it is except Chester who swears it is his bulk powder manufacturer.

Fetch the fetch!

Today things finally got rolling after a slow start in a session that focused primarily on Mountain the Elemental and Willow the Briarthorn. We began with Mountain tailing Chester’s fetch and after 2 hours of stalking he managed to break into his apartment and take care of him after a short struggle and disposing of the evidence like someone who has killed a few people. But during his escape he saw a terrified woman but was not in a position to draw any attention so he left.

Willow after learning nothing about he fetch and coming short on leads spoke with Terry Meadows and after some small talk and teas was informed about an old hag in the local hedge that might be able to help.

Character Creation and Introduction

We finished creating the characters for everyone that will be regular players last night and we had a short session to introduce everyone to the Freehold and Had them all introduced to Jason the Truefriend adviser to the Autumn throne who gave them the ultimatum to handle their fetches on their own or have it done for them at the end of the saeson during the Great Hunt.

The reactions were varied among the characters but one has taken it upon himself to track the fetches for the less interested individuals as a way to make his break into the hit man business.


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